Windigo Politics

The Windigo (spelled with many variations) is a very evil medicine spirit known to many traditional American Indian peoples, especially those of the Northern United States and Canada, where temperatures in winter became so severe that many tribes would be forced to break summer camps and move to smaller family sized encampments to survive on game that could be hunted.

Heyoka Broken-Mirror of Seven-Shards Protection Medicine Pouch

Heyoka Broken-Mirror of Seven-Shards Protection Medicine Pouch

The bad medicine of the Windigo Spirit was associated with these times of bitter cold and scarce food supplies. If the weather became too severe hunting could become impossible and starvation was an ever present threat among the Peoples.

The Windigo is the embodiment of insatiable and monstrous hunger, cannibalism and psychic deterioration. The Windigo was a constant threat to the Peoples and no matter how much the Windigo ate, it could never be satisfied. Windigo bad medicine was one of the worst of the “evil spirits” and extremely powerful. Cold, alone and separated from social human interactions the Windigo haunted the Peoples in the frigid forests of the North.

These are the stories that come to us from the past, the Peoples and from the land.

The Windigo is not “dead.” It moves among us disguised in various new forms, but no less evil. Windigo has taken residence in politics, economics and society. Huge disparity in economic distribution of wealth, political perspectives that deem some people food and fodder for others, ravenous and unconscionable raping of our Sacred Mother Earth, shortsighted technological investments that take, poison and kill the Sacred Life of this Earth, social structures that are best understood as sociopathic…these are Windigo’s footprints.

Examples abound, but I will not name them all. Look around, deeply, at how the Human Nation is living. Look at which forces drive the insatiable greed for wealth beyond any human’s possible need, look to the underpinnings of political powers that exist only to serve this Windigo greed, look to a world that is hurt and unbalanced, look to Washington…look to Wall Street…here are Windigo footprints. See the enslavement of humanity to corporate entities that have assumed the guise of “people”…this is Windigo. “See” a culture where every effort is made to make one feel always unworthy, replaceable and not-quite-human and that belittles the inherent human dignity that is our birthright. Windigo lives yet.

Look to the ravenous, rapacious destruction of our Sacred Mother Earth. Windigo has grown, my brothers and sisters. Look to the corporate social reengineering of our social culture where the law of the (Windigo) Land is a complete distinction and separation between the “haves” and “have-nots” and hatred of one for another is accepted as an appropriate emotional response. Windigo says “divide and conquer.”

Windigo says “take it all…leave nothing uneaten.” Windigo says “destroy it all.”

Windigo has moved beyond the frigid northern forests. Windigo has found home in the globalization of politics and economy, where nation states no longer rule economy but economy rules nation states and lives in a strange post-millennial twilight zone, unseen, unregulated and unaccountable to any. Windigo, disguised, moves through all the realms of life on earth and through the Peoples of this Earth. Windigo can inhabit people, ideas, political perspective and economic systems.

Windigo is great evil.

Windigo must be undone.

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